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awesome can be found here:


Chacho Puebla brought out a second Volume of his “Grandmother’s Tips”. Here are my favorite. You can glimpse at the rest over here.






FAITH AND SACRIFICE: THE BAHA’IS IN IRAN from Education Under Fire on Vimeo.



owls. in real life they tend to looks scary and angry. when painted, made into necklaces or pillows, however, they are the cutest and most adorable animals. ever. just look at some of these:

found here

spied there

spotted here

and lastly this cute little thing that can be bought here:

Apparently during February some german cities go crazy and the entire town turns into a huge street costume party with parades and everything. This is the awesomest, cutest costume i saw this year:

and the awesomest family costume goes to:

How amazing are they? I love how they’ve got the whole matching thing going: Three monkeys, a kangaroo, a tiger and the cute little puppy